Meditation & Buddhism

Our Meditation & Buddhism classes are designed so that you can drop-in to any class, any week without the need to pre-register. We hold these classes in 12 locations throughout Sydney, including the Surry Hills Temple, making it easy for you to drop-in to a class anytime for some inner peace, happiness and practical wisdom.

Course Information

So often our mind feels crowded or overloaded – yet we don’t need to put up with this. Learn simple, effective techniques to let go of mental unease and stress.

Classes running throughout March.

Use practical wisdom to replace worry, fear and stress with the strength and confidence to stay happy even when things go wrong.

Classes running through April.

It can be so difficult to relax and enjoy the moment. Learn meditations that keep you connected to peace and contentment, ready to value the precious moments in your life.

Classes running through Apr/May.

Discovering the clarity within our own mind, and understanding how our mind creates our experience, enables us to stay untroubled in our busy world.

Classes running through May/June.

Anger – whether mild or intense – is always painful and destructive. Get to know the powerful mind of patience to reduce and eventually eradicate our anger.

Classes running through June/July.

Classes to Suit Your Schedule

Looking for a class in a certain area of Sydney or only available at certain times of the week? 

Other Classes

We also offer classes that place more emphasis on meditation, as well as classes that explore Buddhism in more depth.