Mahamudra Silent Retreat

Nov 3–6 · Berowra Valley National Park

Take some time out to deepen your meditation practice at this special silent Mahamudra Retreat guided by Kelsang Lhachog, the Resident Teacher of Mahasiddha Kadampa Meditation Centre.

About the Retreat

Buddha explains many methods to liberate ourself and others from suffering. Of all the instructions within Buddhism, the Oral Instructions of Mahamudra contain the most sublime meditations, the most blessed instructions and the quickest path we can take if we wish to become a Conqueror Buddha in the space of this one short life.

This retreat presents an unsurpassed opportunity for us to gain personal experience of Mahamudra meditation. During this retreat, Kelsang Lhachog will transmit the lineage of these instructions and guide us into the meditation on tranquil abiding observing our very subtle mind which is the first stage of training in Mahamudra. Through training in tranquil abiding concentration, eventually our mind will become completely free from distraction to external objects and will be able to remain single-pointedly on its object of meditation, in this case the mind itself.

Temporarily, Mahamudra meditation will give rise to a deep feeling of inner stillness and peace and, ultimately, it will enable us to accomplish the union of great bliss and emptiness through which we will become a fully enlightened being.

A Silent Retreat

A retreat is a time when we stop all forms of business and extraneous activities and spend time concentrating on a particular meditation practice. By observing silence on retreat, our mind will naturally become more calm and clear, and we will find it easier to clear away the distractions that interfere with our meditation practice. Through developing a clearer and more concentrated mind, we will be able to penetrate our meditation object more deeply and thereby gain a deeper experience of it.

The Teacher

The Teacher of this course is Kelsang Lhachog, the Resident Teacher at the Kadampa World Peace Temple in Surry Hills. With over 20 years experience in meditation, Lhachog explains Buddha’s teachings in a way that is practical, clear and easy to apply to our daily life.

The Location

The retreat is located at Crosslands Youth & Convention Centre 100 Crosslands Road Galston in the Berowra Valley National Park. The breathtaking beauty of the Berowra valley, river and surrounding landscape offers a peaceful getaway from our busy lives as well as the perfect environment to reflect, meditate on and contemplate Buddha’s teachings. View online map here.

Preparing for the Retreat

Everyone is welcome to participate in this retreat, regardless of experience, however it is recommended that you attend the Limitless Mind drop-in classes that will be held at various locations throughout Sydney in the lead up to the retreat. These classes will introduce students to Mahamudra meditation so that they can gain some familiarity with the practice before attending. The Limitless Mind series of classes will begin on October 4.

Fee & Bookings

A variety of on-site accommodation options are available including camping, dormitory, twin and triple rooms with prices starting from $390 per person for the full retreat inclusive of all meals and teachings. There is also an off-site option for those who wish to organise their own accommodation. Booking is essential. Booking terms & conditions as well as other useful information can be found here. Bookings open Tuesday 26 September 2017, 7pm.


Date & Time

The retreat will begin with dinner on Friday, Nov 3 and end at lunchtime on Monday, Nov 6.