Peace, Beyond Illusion • Away Retreat • Fri 15 – Mon 18 Nov

Venue Land’s Edge Harbour Lodge, Chowder Bay

A meditation retreat on ultimate truth, emptiness. 


Beyond the suffering of the hallucinations of self grasping we will abide in a deep inner peace – an almost unimaginable, blissful reality, completely free from suffering and problems.

Meditation on, and knowledge of, this truth has the power to free us temporarily. From the moment of its discovery and whenever we recall ultimate truth, the intensity and duration of our suffering can be reduced for us. 

Finally, once we have attained a direct realisation of ultimate truth emptiness, all suffering will cease permanently. What could be a more meaningful endeavour, than to give our time and energy to accomplishing this realisation?

During this weekend meditation retreat we have a rare opportunity to gain insight into, and experience of, the peace that lies beyond the many painful illusions of our life. 

Join the community of Kadampa Meditation Centre Sydney for this special weekend, guided by Resident Teacher, Kelsang Jangsem. 

Full details coming soon.