Meditate in Chatswood

Meditate in Chatswood

Our weekly Chatswood meditation class includes two guided meditations and a teaching. Drop in any week for some inner peace, happiness and practical wisdom.

Tuesdays 7.30pm–9pm

Dougherty Community Centre, 7 Victor St


Topics & Dates

What is happiness? And, what are the tools we need to create happiness? Even though we all want to be happy all the time we do not know how to do this. In Buddha's teachings we can find clear, practical methods to finally accomplish the lasting happiness we wish for.
Tuesdays from Jan 11
It is entirely possible to learn how to let go of worry, anxiety and stress - by understanding their underlying cause, and using proven methods to overcome it.
Tuesdays from Feb 8
Unlock your capacity to realise the pure potential at your heart. So many of our daily problems and frustrations come from blinkered thinking, which we can learn to see past.
Tuesdays from Mar 1

What to expect at a class: Chatswood Meditation Class

Discover practical methods to solve your everyday problems such as overcoming stress and anxiety, and enjoy harmonious relationships and a happy sense of self.

Learn how to meditate in a way that is enjoyable and actively builds inner strength, contentment and peace of mind.

Each week, explore a different aspect of Buddhist wisdom and be guided in a breathing meditation as well as a meditation related to the topic.

No need to book – drop in any week. These classes are suitable for beginners or experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome.

The Teacher

The teacher of the Chatswood Meditation Class is Michael Salter. Through his powerful and insightful teachings, Michael explains clearly and in practical terms how we can use the teachings of Buddhism to overcome problems in our lives to achieve a sense of inner calm.

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Our classes are COVID Safe. Please do not attend if:

- if you have COVID or symptoms

- if you're waiting for test results

- if you've been with someone who has COVID in the last 14 days