Escape the stress and busyness of life and discover the peace of meditation for yourself. Be guided through simple meditations that relax the mind and body, leading to a deep experience of inner peace and contentment. The classes are self-contained so you can drop in any week. There is no need to book or bring anything.

No meditation experience is necessary, classes are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome.

Class Information


The class is held at lunchtime on Wednesdays from 1pm–1.45pm.


The class is located in the Meeting Room at Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street.


The cost of the class is $12. There is no need to book. Unfortunately there are no EFTPOS facilities available.


Meditations for Relaxation are designed to help us to relax our body and mind and discover a special experience of inner peace.

The meditations covered in this series are:
Inner Peace · Pure Light · Inspiration

Meditations for a Kind Heart are designed to increase our love and compassion for others.

The meditations covered in this series are:
Cherishing Others · Taking Away Suffering · Giving Happiness

Meditations for a Clear Mind are designed to lead us to an experience of inner peace and mental clarity.

The meditations covered in this series are:
Body of Light · Clarity · The Root Mind

The teacher of this class is Kelsang Monlam, a Buddhist nun from Kadampa Meditation Centre Sydney. With 10 years’ experience practising Buddhism, Monlam is well-loved for the depth of her wisdom and purity of her practice.