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Each year the classes and courses we run provide thousands of people with the opportunity to hear Buddha’s teachings enabling them to learn how to develop a peaceful mind and lead a happy, harmonious and meaningful life.

Donations received do not go to paying wages. Instead, they go directly to ensuring the Centre continues to grow through increasing classes and improving facilities, enabling it to bring benefit to people.

Please consider helping us by making a donation. Every donation, regardless of size, is a significant contribution, and will directly support the development and the spreading of Kadam Dharma in Sydney and throughout Australia.

International Temples Project

When Venerable Geshe-la opened the first Temple for World Peace at Manjushri Centre in 1997, he expressed the wish to develop a modern Buddhist Temple in every major city of the world.

To accomplish this and many other purposes, he founded the International Temples Project (ITP).

The scope and activities of the ​ITP are constantly evolving in response to the needs of the ever-changing demands of busy lives. It presently achieves ​its aim through ​developing and ​building traditional and non-traditional temples, meditation and retreat centres, and through the activities of World Peace Cafés and Tharpa Publications.