I felt fully armed with practical steps to improve my mindfulness and was inspired to put them into practice immediately.


Every time I hear Gen Rabten teach, I’m reminded of the importance of these teachings to solve human problems


After hearing Gen Rabten’s talk, I felt inspired – and more able to accept daily life challenges.


I always leave his talks inspired and confident with the knowhow to be the best version of myself I can be.


I love Gen Rabten’s talks. I always come away feeling very inspired by the possibilities.


I love coming to the temple because I get a chance to spend time with some really inspiring people and learn different techniques about how to solve my problems. It’s so wonderful to be able to have a place in my life where I can turn to any time, to have meaningful conversations and practical solutions to my problems… And, I always feel better when I leave!

Polina Gavriaaged care therapist

For me the temple is a place oozing with calm, kind, inspiring warmth. It’s a place to reflect, to connect and to be OK with my worries. I can chat over a cup of tea with others about my hopes to be kinder to myself and to those in my life while laughing about the challenges we face in this modern world just trying to practice patience! Whenever I enter the temple my shoulders drop with relief and whenever I leave the temple I feel lighter, lifted and inspired.

Camilla Martinproject manager

I love to come to the Temple because I always receive there advice on how to handle my life’s challenges. Through the teachings, I have also learned precious tools such as patience and compassion. This helps me in my job as a Case Manager providing home care packages to elderly people suffering from sickness and ageing.

Josette Blumbergcase manager

What I love about the temple is the opportunity to receive such meaningful teachings which I can apply in my daily life, helping to deal with whatever adversities I am facing. The classses are presented in a very simple and practical way that everyone can understand and put into practice.

Claudio Silvacustomer service manager

As soon as I walk into the temple, I have peace. I can feel my entire body and mind shifting to a space of stillness and acceptance. Finding external refuge from the busyness of the day and internal refuge from the distracting thoughts in my mind. In this modern world, we are so lucky to have Mahasiddha Kadampa Meditation Centre!

Kate Barkersenior training & development manager