The Joy of Meditation

The secret to Buddha’s smile

A Public Talk with Gen Kelsang Rabten

Sat 15 Apr – 7:30pm at KMC Sydney

The Joy of Meditation

The secret to Buddha’s smile

Discover the secret behind Buddha's smile

A Public Talk, Saturday 15 Apr 7:30pm - 9pm with visiting teacher Gen Kelsang Rabten

About the talk

Many people are drawn to images of Buddha because he radiates happiness and peace. The secret of Buddha’s smile lies in his mastery of the mind through the practice of meditation. Through meditation we can learn not only how to calm our mind but how to develop a profound joy that permeates our whole life.

At this special public talk, Gen Rabten will share practical instructions coming from his deep experience of meditation on how we, too, can come to experience this joy.

Date & Cost

Saturday 15 April
7.30 – 9pm
Doors open at 6:45pm



Kadampa Meditation Centre Sydney
693-695 South Dowling St
Surry Hills

About the teacher

Gen Kelsang Rabten is the National Spiritual Director for Kadampa Buddhism in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. He is an exceptional teacher who is internationally renowned for his ability to convey Buddha’s teachings to everyone – from novices to experienced practitioners – in a way that leaves you feeling uplifted and inspired to make positive changes in your life.

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive teachings from Gen Rabten in the beautiful and blessed environment of Kadampa Meditation Centre Sydney. Everybody is welcome to join this special event.