Lamrim Retreat
12 – 14 Jul 2024

Lamrim Retreat

12 – 14 Jul 2024

Experience the sequence of meditations that comprise the entire Buddhist path to enlightenment.

Retreat Description

‘Lamrim’ is a special presentation of Buddha’s teachings, where all the essential practices are arranged in a progression so that, through daily meditation, we can gradually increase the capacity of our mind.

There will be four sessions a day, except when there are tsog offering Pujas or classes, and the practice is accomplished within the sadhana, Hundreds of Essence of Good Fortune.

Date & Cost

Fri 12 to Sun 14 Jul 2024

There is no charge for the retreat and no need to book.


Kadampa Meditation Centre Sydney
693-695 South Dowling St
Surry Hills

Retreat Timetable:

The retreat timetable will be available in June 2024.