Lamrim Retreat
12 - 13 July

Experience the sequence of meditations that comprise the entire Buddhist path to enlightenment.

Retreat Description

‘Lamrim’ is a special presentation of Buddha’s teachings, where all the essential practices are arranged in a progression so that, through daily meditation, we can gradually increase the capacity of our mind.

There are five session in total and the practice is accomplished within the sadhana, Essence of Good Fortune.

Retreat Timetable

Fri 12 July

Session 1  7.30 – 9am

Session 2  10 – 11.30am

Session 3  7.30 – 9pm

Sat 13 July

Session 4  7.30 – 9am

Session 5  7.30 – 9pm

Please note this retreat is unguided. If you have any questions, arrive 15 – 30mins early to receive instructions.

KMC Sydney

693-695 South Dowling St, Redfern

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There is no fee for the retreat and no need to book.