Meditation & Modern Buddhism: Classes Across Sydney

Mondays · Tuesdays · Saturdays · from 15 August

The instant we recognise someone as kind to us, or even just as similar to us, our heart softens towards them.

It’s the recognition of a shared experience that is the key to feeling warm towards another living being. We are naturally open to liking someone who shares our enjoyment – such as watching a child at play, taking in the same sunset, or cheering on the same team. And we can also feel the bond of a common struggle.

At the heart of Buddhist logic about our world is the understanding of the equality and interdependence of all living beings. By following some simple recognitions, we realise that others are just like us – and so they’re important, and fundamentally likeable. Our heart opens, and we find ourself surrounded by friends.

Join these weekly classes across Sydney and online to discover how it is truly possible – and logical – to like others more.

Starts from week beginning 15 August for four weeks. Come any week. Just $15 in-person or online.

KMC Sydney at Surry Hills

Mondays 7:30–9pm


Mondays 7:30pm–9pm

Bondi Beach

Saturdays 10–11.15am


Tuesdays 7:30–9pm


Saturdays 10am–11.15am

Neutral Bay

Mondays 7.30–9pm


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Tuesdays 7.30–9pm

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Meet Our Teachers

Our Resident Teacher

Gen Kelsang Lhachog is the Resident Teacher at KMC Sydney, and teaches our in-depth classes including Wednesday nights, and our Sunday meditation workshops. She is an Australian Buddhist nun who has been studying and practising Kadampa Buddhism with Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for over 25 years. Gen Lhachog is an inspiring example of Modern Buddhism in practice. She presents Buddha’s teachings with beautiful clarity, warmth and sincerity, skilfully guiding people from all walks of life to find inner peace and lasting happiness.


Across Sydney

Kelsang Dana teaches at Manly on Saturday mornings
Kate Barker teaches our Bondi Beach class on Saturday mornings
Katrina Stucki teaches our Balmain class on Monday nights
Michael Salter teaches our Chatswood Class on Tuesday nights
Lia Gasparro teaches our Sutherland class on Tuesday nights
Kerry Littrich teaches our Neutral Bay class on Monday nights
Natalie Cella teaches Simply Meditate on Saturday mornings & our Newtown class
Rebecca Buchanan teaches Simply Meditate at Surry Hills on Tuesday nights
Jo Whatley teaches our CBD Wednesday lunchtime class

Upcoming Courses

Learn a practical method, based on profound wisdom, to rely on when life takes a turn for the worse. By shifting our perspective and gaining insight into our mental responses, we can pass through difficulties with ease.
From Mon 12 Sep More info here

By understanding the inner science of the mind we can discover which thoughts and states of mind lead to happiness and which do not. With this knowledge we can learn positive habits of happiness and practice them in everyday life. Join us for an enlightening exploration of the mind.
From Mon 10 Oct More info here

Within Buddha’s teachings and approach to meditation, we find powerful methods to expand our capacity and enable us to stay afloat when everyone seems to need something from us.

From 31 October. More info here

Our classes are COVID Safe. Please feel free to wear your mask. Please do not attend if:

- you have COVID or symptoms

- you're waiting for test results.