Booking Information

Mahamudra Silent Retreat

Course Fees

The Limitless Mind Silent Retreat course fees are specified below and are inclusive of meals and accommodation. Please note that payment is required in full to reserve your space on the retreat:

  • Single room (staying Fri-Mon): $650 per person SOLD OUT
  • Single room (staying Fri-Sun): $600 per person SOLD OUT
  • Twin shared room (staying Fri-Mon): $490 per person SOLD OUT
  • Twin shared room (staying Fri-Sun): $440 per person SOLD OUT
  • Triple shared room (staying Fri-Mon): $450 per person SOLD OUT
  • Triple shared room (staying Fri-Sun): $400 per person SOLD OUT
  • Dormitory/Camping (staying Fri-Mon): $390 per person
  • Dormitory/Camping (staying Fri-Sun): $340 per person
  • Off-Site (staying Fri-Mon): $350 per person
  • Off-Site (staying Fri-Sun): $300 per person


Single rooms
Note that single rooms are simply 4 bunk-bed style dormitory rooms which will be limited for use by those who have booked them.

Twin & Triple shared rooms
If selecting the twin or triple shared option, the room must be occupied by 2 or 3 adults respectively. Note that we are unable to allocate room-mates for twin & triple shared rooms at this event so please specify your room-mate(s) at the time of booking if you select this option. Note that “twin” and “triple” rooms are simply 6-8 bunk-bed style dormitory rooms which will be limited for use by those who have booked them.

Please note that all dormitories contain 6-8 beds (bunk-style). Your room-mates will be allocated, however if you’d like to share with someone in particular please let us know via email at

Please note that the campsite is approximately 5min walk to the main complex.

Please note that accommodation is not included in this option.

Important: Please note that no pillow or bedding is provided with any of the accommodation options so please ensure that you bring them along.


The retreat timetable is yet to be finalised, however the retreat will begin with dinner and an introduction on Friday evening and end with lunch on Monday. The final retreat timetable will be confirmed in your confirmation letter 1-2 weeks prior to the event.


The course fee includes the cost of all meals, (breakfast, lunch and dinner). All meals served throughout this event will be vegetarian. If you would like the dairy and gluten free meal option please indicate this at the time booking. Please note that we are unable to cater for any special dietary requirements other than these.

The Location

The retreat will be held at the Crosslands Youth & Convention Centre, 100 Crosslands Rd, Galston NSW.

Getting there by car
For those who plan to travel by car there is ample parking on-site.

Getting there by train
Please note that our shuttle service has sold out and we are therefore unable to provide any additional pick-up/drop-off services from/to Hornsby Train Station. If you would like to be added to a waiting list in case a shuttle space becomes available please contact, however we’re unable to guarantee that a place will become available.

Note that using a taxi service is not recommended due to the remote nature of the venue – please aim to either use the shuttle service provided or drive.

Site Restrictions
Please note that the following restrictions have been specified in the conditions of hire for the venue and will be strictly enforced by the venue manager:

  • No cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or chewing gum are allowed on the property
  • Roads and access ways are to be kept clear for emergency and service vehicles at all times
  • No pets are allowed on-site at any time

Please note that the Crosslands Venue is quite hilly and as such may be difficult for people who have issues with mobility. If you have any concerns about mobility please call Mahasiddha KMC for more information.

Confirmation Letter

You will receive a payment receipt at the email address that you provide on the booking form shortly after submitting your booking. Closer to the date of the event you will be sent a confirmation letter containing the event timetable and more detailed information about the weekend.


Up to 75% of the course fee may be refunded if you cancel your booking by Tuesday, 31 Oct. All cancellations are required to be made in writing to