Meditation & Buddhism

Weekly Class at KMC Sydney
in Surry Hills

Meditation& Buddhism

Weekly Class
at KMC Sydney
in Surry Hills

Our weekly Meditation & Buddhism class on Monday nights includes two guided meditations and a teaching. Drop in any week for some inner peace, happiness and practical wisdom.

Mondays 7.30-9pm

Doors open 7pm
No need to book

Online: This class is also livestreamed and available online for 48 hours

KMC Sydney · Surry Hills

693-695 South Dowling St
Surry Hills


Topics & Dates

It is so important to accept ourself wholeheartedly. Only once we are at peace with ourself can we work to improve our mind, our relationships and our life.
Mondays from 18 July
We have so much more in common with other people than we realise. We can use wisdom thinking to feel closer to the people we’re surrounded by, and start to genuinely enjoy their company.
Mondays from 15 Aug
Learn a practical method, based on profound wisdom, to rely on when life takes a turn for the worse. By shifting our perspective and gaining insight into our mental responses, we can pass through difficulties with ease.
Mondays from 12 Sep

What to expect at a class:

Discover practical methods to solve your everyday problems such as overcoming stress and anxiety, and enjoy harmonious relationships and a happy sense of self. Learn how to meditate in a way that is enjoyable and actively builds inner strength, contentment and peace of mind.

Each week, explore a different aspect of Buddhist wisdom and be guided in a breathing meditation as well as a meditation related to the topic.

No need to book – drop in any week. These classes are suitable for beginners or experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome.

The Teacher

Gen Kelsang Lhachog, Resident Teacher at KMC Sydney, teaches our Monday night classes. With over 25 years’ experience in meditation, Gen Lhachog’s clarity, wisdom and kindness enable her to give busy, modern people the very essence of Buddha’s teachings.

Classes also held in 8 other locations - resuming from Jan 2022

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Our classes are COVID Safe. Please feel free to wear your mask. Please do not attend if:

- you have COVID or symptoms

- you're waiting for test results.