Lamrim Retreat

Mon 22 – Fri 26 Aug

We all have the potential for self-transformation – a limitless capacity for the growth of good qualities. To fulfil this potential we need to know what to do at every stage along the spiritual path.

Stages of the Path

Discover for yourself the inner peace and clarity of mind that comes from meditation. Lamrim is a series of special Buddhist meditations that lead us to increasingly peaceful and beneficial states of mind, and together they form the entire path to enlightenment.

We do one meditation in each session, and progress through the Lamrim series of meditations in each subsequent session. You can find the Lamrim meditations in the following books: Modern Buddhism which is available as a free download, Mirror of Dharma with Additions, How to Understand the Mind, Joyful Path of Good Fortune & The New Meditation Handbook.

Retreat Sessions

Each session lasts for an hour and a half, and consists of chanted prayers sung in English and a silent period for reading, contemplation and meditation.

The prayers used are Essence of Good Fortune, and you can purchase a copy here. If you’d like more information on the prayers used in each session, or on the meditations, please email us.


The Venue

Kadampa Meditation Centre Sydney
693-695 South Dowling St
Surry Hills


Mon 22 – Fri 26 Aug

Fee & Bookings

There is no charge for the retreat and no need to book.