KMC Sydney Members

Our weekly classes are now in-person only.

Dear Members,

As you know, our classes were made available online to enable us to continue receiving Dharma during the pandemic, when we were unable to come to classes. Thankfully now that life is returning to normal, it’s possible for most of us to once again join classes in-person. From Monday 15 August all our weekly classes will return to being in-person only.

So many more benefits come from being physically present at classes – you’re able to focus more clearly, feel supported and relax more deeply in a space dedicated to developing inner peace.

If you aren’t physically able to come to our classes, Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia, as our national centre, will be offering a limited number of online classes to eligible people. You can contact them at for details.

We will also offer an online option in Sydney for those who want to join our in-depth study program, Foundation Program. Contact our Education Program Co-ordinator at to find out if you’re eligible.