Pure Happiness

Sun 18 Sep | 10am-1pm

In-Person & Online Workshop

Imagine being happy all the time.
We all have the potential to attain a pure and open-hearted happiness that never wavers.

Workshop Description

Normally we think that other people or situations are responsible for our good and bad experiences. Buddha taught that this view is mistaken, and that real lasting happiness and suffering come from our mind, not from other people or circumstances.

It is our mind that creates and appears every aspect of our life. When we recognise this, we’ll appreciate the power of meditation to heal ourselves and others at the very deepest levels.

When our mind is pure, this in turn makes all our actions pure so that we become a pure being.

At this practical meditation workshop, Resident Teacher and Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Lhachog will introduce us to the practice of Taking & Giving, which ripens our deep potential for purity and empowers our spiritual progress. Discover a time-honoured method for transforming your experience to one of lasting joy and happiness.

You'll come away knowing how to:

  • understand the real nature and causes of happiness
  • access a deep inner peace
  • connect with your pure potential
  • respond constructively to suffering and problems
  • maintain a strong, stable inner peace at all times
  • find joy in daily life

Everybody is welcome to attend this workshop, regardless of experience. You will receive inspiration and information on how to enjoy a pure and lasting happiness, with the strength of mind we all need to cope with life’s difficulties.

In two sessions (both one and a quarter hours long) with a morning tea break, you’ll receive a teaching on Buddha’s wisdom applied to daily life, and be guided through a series of meditations to relax and strengthen your mind. You’ll have the opportunity to ask all your questions on meditation and living with wisdom to an experienced teacher.

The Teacher

Gen Kelsang Lhachog, the Resident Teacher at KMC Sydney will teach this workshop. With 25 years’ experience in meditation, Gen Lhachog explains Buddha’s teachings with sincerity and kindness, in a way that is clear and easy to apply to our daily life.

Have Your Questions Answered

Receive guidance from an experienced teacher on positive attitudes, happiness and meditation. Whether you’re coming along in person or joining the livestream, you’ll be able to ask all your questions about how to feel happier, clear away negativity from your mind, and on using meditation to increase your inner peace.

Our online classes and events are for anyone living in Greater Sydney & Wollongong areas. If you live elsewhere, you can search for a local centre here. If you can’t find a centre near you, feel free to email us at info@meditateinsydney.org to find out how to access classes.

Booking Information

Date & Cost

Sun 18 Sep

Session 1: 10am-11.15am
Morning Tea
Session 2: 11.45am-1pm

Free for Members


Kadampa Meditation Centre Sydney
693-695 South Dowling St
Surry Hills

Also available Online

Livestream Info

  • This class is available livestream
  • Register to receive the class link
  • Video replay is available until Sun 25 Sep

COVID Protocols

  • Masks optional
  • Moderate spacing between seats in meditation room
  • Air purifiers + HVAC filtration + fresh air flow
  • Fully refundable or transferable to online if cancelled before the end of the session
  • Please do not attend if you have COVID or symptoms or you’re waiting for test results.

What to expect at a meditation workshop

Meditation Workshops are a special opportunity to take a day out to receive practical teachings that focus on solving a particular problem we are trying to resolve in our daily life.