Take care of yourself

How? Take time out each day to be still and connect with your inner peace & purpose.

Take some time for inner peace

Everyone can meditate – and learn to access the natural inner peace that lies within our mind.
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Start the practice of calming the mind now with this easy 4–step breathing meditation



Choose a quiet place to meditate and sit in a comfortable position. The most important thing is to keep your back straight to prevent our mind becoming sluggish or sleepy.



Sit with your eyes partially closed and turn your attention to the sensation of the breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils. This sensation is the object or focus point of our meditation and we should stay focused on it to the exclusion of everything else.



Resist the temptation to follow the different thoughts as they arise and try to concentrate on the breath to the exclusion of everything else. If you discover your mind has wandered and is following your thoughts, immediately return it to the breath.



Practise like this until your mind starts to feel more lucid, spacious and refreshed. Enjoy this feeling of inner peace for a while.

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Meditating at home: tips & inspiration for creating time and space

Use what you have

Find a comfortable spot, on a cushion, on the sofa, on the back step. Just sit, close your eyes, and breathe. There is nothing else to think about, worry about or plan.

Nothing else you need to do. Nowhere else you need to be.

Sit with yourself for a while.


Things are not always perfect. We can quieten the television, the kids, the teenager’s music if we can, but most of all, we can accept.

If we are interrupted with a question we can stop, and start again. If a plane flies overhead or if our doorbell rings, we can accept.


Allow yourself to relax, physically and mentally. Our noisy mind becomes quiet – and we stay. We do this every day and enjoy it like a treat.

Let go of all expectation. Don’t be in a rush. Noise is just normal. Disruption is normal.

Smile and let go.

Benefit others

Over time our housemates watch and learn. Our children watch and learn.

Even our pets begin to settle by our side.

We meditate alone or amidst the chaos of family life.

We find the peace inside our mind, which has been hidden all this time like a treasure.

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