Workplace Wellbeing

Looking to integrate meditation and mindfulness into your workplace wellbeing or employee engagement program? We can help support your staff with simple meditation techniques to:

Three delivery options

Reduce stress
Improve productivity
Enjoy more harmonious relationships

Three delivery options


We offer customised corporate meditation & workplace wellbeing classes at our Centre in Surry Hills


We can provide a meditation & employee wellbeing workshop at your workplace


Your organisation can support staff to attend our lunchtime classes in the CBD or North Sydney

Custom Corporate Class

Our modern and professional Centre in Surry Hills provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for people to discover the benefits of meditation for themselves, supported by guided meditation from experienced teachers.

Workplace Meditation Workshop

One of our qualified meditation teachers with corporate experience can come to your premises to run a short workshop with guided meditation and advice for juggling competing demands, building resilience and improving mindfulness.

Lunchtime Meditation Classes

Our 45 minute Wednesday lunchtime classes in the CBD & North Sydney integrate perfectly into your Employee Wellbeing Program. We can invoice you directly to enable your staff to learn three types of meditation over a 9 week cycle, focusing on (1) Methods to manage and reduce stress (2) Improving clarity of mind and mental resilience (3) Motivation, engagement and workplace relationships.